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About us


Yael & Gabriel are a spectacular duet from New York

Gabriel (Guitar & bass player, composer, arranger) and Yael (vocalist, musician, composer) met in New York while playing in the lower east side. Their joined talent created a non conventional, cosmopolitan style of music.

They have been successfully performing in legendary New York venues: B.B.King, Cafe Wha, HighLine Ballroom and more.

Besides their own compositions, the duet has different shows currently running:

  • Edith Piaf Tribute,
  • Barbara Streisand Music, 
  • Tango & Flamenco (original music), 
  • Great Gastby meets Django, 
  • Italian Standards 
  • Jobim and Piazzola

During their unique shows, Yael & Gabriel interact with the audience, telling stories about the artists and the songs bringing a new dimension to the audience connecting beyond the music.



Gabriel Hermida  is Argentinian.


Gabriel's compositions have the essence of classical tango, contemporary music and jazz. Some are Flamenco songs with lyrics of  personal stories. Gabriel has also been performing with Savion Glover for the last 5 years. Savion's tap dancing being the percussion on Gabriel's Flamenco compositions.  Gabriel has been performing at the Blue Note, Lincoln Center, Theatre de la Ville (Paris), Monte-Carlo and more.


Yael Dray is French & israeli


Yael's music is a progressive music influenced by Israeli Rock, Gypsy Jazz and French music. Each song tells a real life story and is either in French, English, Hebrew, Spanish, Portuguese or Italian. She also graduated as a Master of Jazz Music at the Queens College in 2014.